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Mondo 2024 Showcase Festival

Artist Apply to Play Terms & Conditions

Apply to Play
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Terms, Conditions & Important Information

Please Read Carefully & Click the Link Below to Apply

  1. Mondo will host both live music showcases and virtual pre-produced video performances Oct. 15-18, 2024.  All pre-produced video showcases will be live streamed each night of Mondo through our YouTube channel, and available on demand thereafter. 

  2. Mondo 2024 applications to perform are accepted exclusively through Groover and are accepted until July 31, 2024. There is NO CHARGE to apply to play at Mondo.NYC 2024.

  3. In order to submit your application on Groover, you will need to create an account and complete your profile info. Applications to Mondo via Groover are FREE.

  4. Groover is a music platform that empowers independent artists by connecting them to the best music industry pros, playlists, curators, media and labels to receive guaranteed feedback, exposure and accelerate their careers. Groover delivers music promotion with results: Over 350,000 artists use Groover to connect with 3,000+ professionals across the globe. Artists have received over 4MM+ pieces of feedback, 800K+ shares (e.g. playlists, reviews) and 1,000+ label contracts!

  5. You may submit one audio track or one video track to be considered to play the Mondo 2024 Showcase Festival. Based upon rolling pre-selection notification, eligible artists shall be sent a link to provide additional information to Mondo. From that subsequent artist pool, Mondo shall invite a limited number of artists to perform live and remotely.

  6. Mondo welcomes local, domestic and international artists to apply, and we invite ALL musical genres.

  7. If selected we shall inform you prior to September 10, 2024. Your performance will be a part of an industry showcase festival, and not a paid performance. Each performing artist plus two additional team members, will receive a General Admission badge for the conference and music showcase festival. These tickets are non-transferable.

  8. Mondo may select showcase videos to play during the day in addition to the nightly live stream. Artists performing live in NYC may be offered an additional opportunity to perform live at the conference or at sponsored industry events, Oct 15-18, 2024. Select live performances will be ticketed and open to the public.

  9. Certain selected showcase artists shall produce and provide Mondo completed video performances pursuant to Mondo-provided specifications. Only original, wholly owned compositions (music and lyrics) may be used for the artist’s inclusion in Mondo’s live stream showcase. Cover versions are not permitted. 

  10. All official Mondo performances will be promoted across our appropriate media channels and those of our partners.

  11. As a showcase festival, Mondo does not offer payment for performance-related expenses including video production, travel, recording or any additional equipment or gear. Accordingly, if selected, each artist is responsible for all related costs.

  12. Prior to Mondo's presentation of a showcase performance, artists will be required to execute an agreement(s) embodying these terms and conditions as well as other commercially reasonable representations and warranties in the form of master, mechanical and sync authorizations and release forms.

By clicking the button below and linking to the Mondo.NYC 2024 Showcase Application on Groover, submitting the required audio and/or video content, completing all required questions, and submitting the application, all submitting artists are authorizing Groover, Mondo.NYC and its sponsor(s) to contact you via the submitted artist email. Only artist name, artist email, genre/subgenre, city, state, country shall be shared with our sponsor(s). Other artist contact details will not be shared with our sponsor(s) and shall only be used by Groover or Mondo.NYC to contact artists who are invited and subsequently agree to perform at Mondo.NYC 2024. You may unsubscribe to all such communications at any time.

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