Music Managers Forum US: Guiding Growth into 2022 - Managers and their Artists

Bushwick Zoom

Tuesday, October 12, 2021, 4:00:00 PM UTC

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Wesley T. A'Harrah, Founder, Hits Differently & Hyper Orange; VP Membership & Education, MMF-US

The Music Managers Forum - US presents a panel focusing on how managers are working with and guiding their artists through the myriad of challenges posed by the pandemic, as the music industry works towards global recovery. Managers and their artists will explore their approach to building a safe and healthy touring plan, the latest platforms and technologies being used in their growth strategies, increasing (or re-awakening) fan engagement, and even working with mission-based initiatives to improve the world condition. Join these speakers and seek to inspire your growth into 2022!

Max Stern

Manager, Vitalic Noise & Co-Founder, Disko

Sam Pringle

Artist Manager, Project Gold

Twiggy Rowley

Artist Manager, Project Gold

Wesley T. A'Harrah

Founder, Hits Differently & Hyper Orange