The Future of Music Production: Immersive vs. Hi-Fidelity Audio

Greenpoint Zoom

Wednesday, October 13, 2021, 9:00:00 PM UTC

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Ty Roberts, Co-Founder, FanTracks Digital LLC

Artists today have many choices for delivering to consumers the amazing sound they create in the studio. Hi-Fidelity Audio is no longer just for audio quality leaders like TIDAL with the major services Apple Music and Amazon Music jumping on board the bandwagon. Why is there a new focus on Immersive sound using Dolby Atmos and Sony360 Reality Audio technology? How do Artists create and distribute in these immersive formats? What kind of audio soundscapes can be created and why? Where can consumers experience these new sonic experiences and what are they saying about them? Our panel of audio experts will discuss the ins and outs of audio in today's streaming multiverse so join us!

Jessica Powell

CEO & Co-Founder, Audioshake

Jim Rondinelli

Chief Operating Officer, Immersion Networks

Matt Boerum

CEO & Co-Founder, Audible Reality

Ty Roberts

Co-Founder, FanTracks Digital LLC