Web3 Content-First Experiences for Music: A Fireside Chat with Eluvio

Grand Ballroom

Thursday, October 13, 2022, 9:00:00 PM UTC

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It was a groundbreaking year for artists’ early adoption of blockchain technology and NFTs. The market is transitioning from Web2 to a Web3 content-first experience, enabling new kinds of interactivity; gamification; re-monetization of back catalog content; on-the-fly creation of new NFTs from live streaming events; and more.

In this session, Dan Vecchi of Eluvio will discuss label and artist utilization of NFTs and blockchain technology moving forward. He will discuss how Web3 content-first experiences can enable new monetization/distribution opportunities, fan engagement, digital merchandising, and content ownership. Among the examples, Dan will recap Eluvio’s experience powering Dolly Parton’s groundbreaking “Dollyverse” at SXSW, which introduced mainstream audiences to an easy-to-use, audience-centric Web3 experience. He’ll offer a deeper understanding of the technical principles important to Web3 enthusiasts, and future lessons for artists, music labels, content publishers, and filmmakers looking to adopt Web3, NFTs and blockchain technology.

Daniel Vecchi

Daniel Vecchi

General Manager of Business Development & Partnerships, Americas, Eluvio