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Mondo.NYC 2020 Showcase Artist

Andreas Schulz

Andreas Schulz

Leipzig, Germany

October 14, 2020 at 11:00:00 PM

"Andreas Schulz feat. Paul Engelmann present »The Living Broome Session«

»The Living Broome Session« is a fusion of composed and improvised music anywhere between film-music, freejazz and electro. The performance of drummer Andreas Schulz and saxophonist Paul Engelmann is an acoustic-electronic adventure: »The Living Broome Session« contains a short section of the artist’s current release-series »Broome«, played in their living room in Leipzig, Germany, and is specially arranged for their appereance at 2020’s MONDO in New York City.

Their 2019 debut »London Transport« has won high praise in the international press: »…a precise strictness of composition.…you must listen to it!« (German Public Radio) and »…a rich tapestry of sound…sounds you didn’t know drums could produce…an oddly pleasurable experience« (The New York City Jazz Record). In 2020 and 2021, OMP releases the new 6-album series »Broome« by Andreas Schulz feat. Paul Engelmann. On its first release »Broome [Saxophone Edit]«, virtuoso alto saxophonist Paul Engelmann interprets Schulz’s delicate compositions as jazz solo pieces. Main album »Broome [Jazz Edit]« contains jazz improvisations by Andreas Schulz on drums together with Engelmann. »Broome [Electro Edit]« contains the same compositions, this time digitally produced with lots of electronic sounds, synthesizers, beats, and hints of pop-like melodies. Piano recordings of all pieces are on »Broome [Piano Edit]«, and, finally, all those versions together are going to be released on »Broome [Deluxe Edit]« and as a live version on »Broome [Live]«.

Since 2012, Andreas Schulz and Paul Engelmann have played together, they have developed a musical language that impresses with its excellent and precise communication and highly virtuoso improvisation. Improvising, the drummer and the saxophonist sound as if they were one instrument. Producer, composer and drummer Andreas Schulz has been involved in twenty major and independent releases and has played more than two hundred international concerts. His appearances include a double concert with Grammy-winning ‘NDR Big Band Hamburg’ at age 16 and a gig at the German Embassy in Beijing, China. His dear friend and collegue alto-saxophonist Paul Engelmann works in several freejazz projects as both leader and sideman together with many renowned artists, such as John Schröder and Alexander von Schlippenbach. Paul’s international activities include an appearance at »Jazz Baltica« festival.

As the first two albums of the »Broome« series are already released, you can listen to »Broome [Saxophone Edit]« and »Broome [Jazz Edit]« on all platforms.

Current releases:
Broome [Saxophone Edit] (07/10/2020)
Broome [Jazz Edit] (10/09/2020)
Broome [Piano Edit] (coming 11/06/2020)
Broome [Electro Edit] (coming 2021)
Broome [Deluxe Edit] (coming 2021)
The Living Broome Session [Broome Live] (coming 2021)

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