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Mondo.NYC 2020 Showcase Artist



Budapest, Hungary

October 14, 2020 at 12:00:00 AM

Andras Aron (known as Apey) has a very unique approach to his songwriting and lyrics. Following the footsteps of Neil Young, he is more like a storyteller with an Eastern-European way of humor and self-expression. Despite being very well known in the heavy metal scene, he brings a new context between the boundaries of American folk/country music and grunge from the heart of Europe. The inspiration to launch his solo career came from his need to find a new way to express his own struggles. In 2010 Apey released his first LP 'Feathers, Black Flowers,' an entire album that reflects on his childhood, growing up to be a deep artistic thinker. Two years later in 2012 he followed with a short EP 'Orion' with a much warmer and darker side of his poetry, recorded at his own home in his hometown, Budapest. "I've been focusing on the depth of the vibe and the chemistry while I'm playing it and recording it myself in an empty room. Sometimes it's a lot more important for me than the technical details," said Apey. In 2016 he released his long awaited second LP called 'Foxes.' Inspired by his sleeping problems, nightmares and frustrations in a confident but self ironic form of lyrics such as 'Personal Demon' or 'Foxes.’ Apey also played professional showcase events such as MENT, Poznan's SpringBreak or ESNS19’. He also supported Tim Vantol during his European tour right after and played Lollapalooza Berlin also. In 2017 his third record 'Stranger' became the most successful release yet. The album tells a story about his childhood and development of his personality in a more positive atmosphere than ever before. With songs like 'Stranger,' and ‘I Want You To Miss Me,’ Apey not only defined himself as an author, but he also found his own voice through his songs -- it's fragile, sensitive and real, every second of it. In 2018 Apey started working on his upcoming fourth full length album titled ‘Book of Changes,’ to be released in autumn of 2020, which takes a huge turn to the classical American folk-country influences. First music video was released in October 2019 -- ‘Nothing At All’ is a heart-breaking remembrance about his mother who he lost when he was only 17 years old. Its second single ‘Truth About Supermarkets’ was released January 2020, and the third single, ‘Blue Veins’ was released in in April, 2020.


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