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Natalia Nastaskin

General Manager, Global Music Group, UTA

Natalia Nastaskin is the General Manager of UTA’s global music group, where she oversees a team of nearly 100 agents and executives, including touring & marketing, brand partnerships, business affairs, and client services. She plays an integral role in the music group’s strategic growth and expansion. With Covid-19’s impact on the industry resulting in cancellation and rescheduling of thousands of UTA’s clients’ shows, Natalia has worked with agents and artists to pivot and navigate the new normal. From drive-in shows to livestreams to virtual meet & greets to innovative brand deals, Natalia works closely with artists’ teams to ensure that they are being super-served during this unprecedented time.

As a leader who takes company culture very seriously, Natalia led the launch of UTA's La Femme Majeure initiative - a networking event for women in music focused on professional growth and progressing career trajectories – which had its first virtual global edition during Covid-19 lockdown with 3 panelists and over 400 music women in attendance. Additionally, she spearheaded the formation of Justice Now - a task-force within UTA Music, the mission of which is: strengthening the music community through education, mentorship, empowerment and fearless imagination.

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