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Mondo.NYC 2021 Showcase Artist



New York

October 16, 2021 at 12:00:00 AM

Mondo Live Stream

MOZIAH is more than just an emerging pop artist -- he is a storyteller. The 24-year-old Haitian-American creative from central NJ was surrounded by artistic inspiration from an early age, and that energy went on to fuel his own pursuits as he grew into adulthood. After watching his dad sing around the house as a kid, MOZIAH sang in church choirs, theater productions and even played in a punk-ska band in high school.

During his first week at NYU’s esteemed Tisch School of the Arts MOZIAH received a bootleg copy of Logic from his roommate and began making beats between classes while he studied drama. With the help of his collaborators, MOZIAH wrote, co-produced, and released his first album Dax Nextdoor in 2018, which gained hundreds of thousands of streams across platforms and was a "coming of age story about fear, love and learning to fuck with yourself." Along with the album, MOZIAH co-directed two music videos with his childhood friends, Cinematographer Nicolas J. Capra and director Tyler Crosby: “Can’t Stay In One Place” and ”Skerred (feat. Still Gosling and AANI).“ In 2019, MOZIAH self-produced and released Finessa Hudgens which included collabs with CamRus (Camrus Johnson, CW’s Batwoman), Carter Ace, and mau.

Last year, MOZIAH dropped hip-hop leaning ZYEBOI -- the first of two contrasting fraternal EPs. The second -- Sweetboy EP -- was a collection of love songs released alongside a music video shot in Nintendo’s Animal Crossing which was promoted in partnership with top gaming brand HyperX. His most recent track "Do The Right Thing" was a collaboration with John Mark Nelson, and the first of a series of singles set to release this year!

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