Mondo.NYC 2021 Showcase Artist


The Velvicks

New York

In 2017 Vick, Vinny (guitar), and Apoena (bass) started jamming at Ed’s house (drums) that they called “Monroe Mansion,” throwing shows and parties in their basement. Following a remarkably serendipitous encounter with a booking agent at one of these parties and strong support from their Brooklyn music community, the collaborative performances and jamming coalesced into what is now known as The Velvicks. Without any material released they debuted live at legendary New York City venue Irving Plaza.

With influences from Queens of The Stone Age to Foo Fighters, The Black Keys to Arctic Monkeys, the band delivers heart-pounding rock that is at once familiar and distinctive. Their raw garage sound pays homage to the '70s and '90s with energetic songwriting and hard rock hooks. The Velvicks is bringing Stadium Rock into their fan’s pockets.