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Mondo.NYC Showcase Artist



New York

Emmrose, 20, is a native New Yorker, Groover Obsessions Artist , and signed to Secret Road Music for sync licensing. She records her music with Mike Abiuso at Behind the Curtains Media in Brooklyn, NY, and with Indie Artist Richard Orofino.

Her debut EP Hopeless Romantics was released one week before New York City entered the covid lockdown of 2020, and with all of her shows cancelled, she decided to perform weekly live streams from her home where she connected with thousands of kids in the world who took refuge with her music. Two years later, she has released 18 singles and her Album Hopeless Romantics won Best Pop Album in the 2020 WAM Awards. In May of 2020 her single “The Grass Was Greener” was placed on two Spotify Editorial playlists, a surprising event due to the fact that the entire recording and production had been done remotely during the COVID lockdown in NYC, with Emmrose in her Manhattan bedroom and her producer Mike Abiuso working in his Brooklyn apartment. The song “Five Months” is sync’d to the opening scene of the indie film “Searching for the Wave” and the single “Waitlisted” aired on MTV’s Teen Mom in November of 2021.

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