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Mondo.NYC Showcase Artist

Valerie D'Silva

Valerie D'Silva

Goa, India

Thursday Live Stream

Valerie D'Silva is a singer/songwriter, composer and traveling artist who performs only original music. She has over 30 unreleased originals, only for the fact that she believes in experiencing music live. Writing is the story of her life. Composing and playing instruments is the metaphysical essence of her soul through sound and all that remains is to share that experience with the world. She has been performing since 2013 and has played at venues like Bluefrog (Mumbai), Bombay Electric Project, Juhu Intercontinental, The Live Music Project, Goa Music Fest, Tito’s Arena, Songs from the Attic, The Village Studio, The Orange Music Festival (Dambuk), Sofar Sounds to name a few. She also gives back to the community by conducting "Hue Know Me," which is an experiential expressive arts workshop that uses meditation, music, painting, creative writing and storytelling as a release mechanism. She loves food for the body, mind and soul through travel, philosophy and art. Travelling arts, “to bring back the experience of live arts as part of our cultural and social consciousness” is an extension of her journey as an artist as well as her support to the arts and culture in India and the world. Recent achievements: India Tour "Road Trip Lane 30."

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