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Mondo.NYC Showcase Artist



Whistler, British Columbia

October 12, 2023 at 1:15:00 AM


85 Avenue A, New York, NY 10009

About ZADA (she/her) | ZADA’s journey is one traveled through song.

There is clear lineage in the sound of ZADA’s music. In the form of every note, the sequence of her lyrics, heritage embedded in storytelling and the path she is blazing as a rising singer- songwriter. “Pick up myself, and dust off this place/I'll be the stranger with something to say/Constantly changing, it’s been my way/I’ve been a nomad from back in the day.”

The prose that introduces ZADA’s standout track, "Nomad," is a proclamation that celebrates her roots and journey to date. The music is expansive as the world is vast. It is a reflection of ZADA’s graceful sound aligned with production that is fresh, uplifting and full of new ideas and promise.

ZADA is an Ethiopia-born, Whistler, British Columbia-based artist that creates music inspired by connection. Drawing from experiences personal and universal, she sows from a world of different perspectives to put emotion to paper and shares a signature vocal style resonant with feeling. Fluidity – like the waters that channel and surround her home province – is present in the studio. Collaborating with renowned producers, Brian West and Chin Injeti, ZADA is immersed in the tiles of her own sonic mosaic to consistently explore her craft.

“ZADA is a wonderful artist with an amazing life story! I’m so excited for the world to hear them through these amazing songs,“ Injeti reflects on the creative process. "It is such an honor and privilege to a part of this journey."

ZADA showcases an extensive repertoire and understanding of international elements. While Afro-beat is woven into the foundation, strong pop hooks, melodious chorus, take shape in ZADA’s collection of songs. Creativity is key; Kalimbas and wine bottles are audible, while call and response crowd vocals (contributed by Injeti, ZADA’s brother and close friends) and a cinematic breakdown reminiscent of Ethiopian markets and airports, creates a visceral setting to invite listeners in, and let them know they’re in good company. In addition, she shares unapologetic feel-good ode to self-awareness and the triumphant passage to growth. Groovy basslines and acoustic strings are the pulse at the heart of other genre-defying tracks, with journal entries embodying haunting keys and smooth R&B ethos in between.

ZADA elicits honest authenticity in her words, and power in her vocal range to create a vista of catharsis and imagination. Working with others has provided a grounding place for ZADA to share her story and speak her truth with graceful grit. Inspired by the likes of FKA Twigs, Fiona Apple, Labrinth and Tyler, The Creator, ZADA continues to develop her own signature performance and use of various mediums and emotional excavations through sound.

Outside of the studio, ZADA continues to write; be it short stories or poetry and is passionate about social justice as an active volunteer of Canadian Humanitarian. She revels in British Columbia’s natural offerings, embarking on adventures in skiing, hiking, surfing and horseback riding.

With more music on the way, ZADA’s career has many pathways, all open and ready for her to thrive. The artist is bringing new meaning to the word "nomad." Home is where the heart is, roots are grounded in every stride, and her journey is unfolding in every note.

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