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Video Games, Esports & Music: Opportunities in the Digital World

Wednesday, October 14, 2020 

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Video Games & Esports 101: Opportunities for the Music Industry

11:00 - 11:50am

This panel will discuss the current state of the highly popular (and lucrative) video game and esports industries, and the various opportunities they offer to the music industry. Panelists working in video games and esports will take us through the formats where they see substantial fan engagement and opportunities for integrating music, such as licensing, concerts and virtual events, how gamers leverage music, and strategies for appealing to the gaming fan base.


Chase Brennick, Associate, Covington & Burling LLP



Jeanine Cowen, Professor, Berklee College of Music

Matteo Stronati, Audio Director, Riot Games

Olivia Barton, Manager, Sync Licensing, Sony Music

Stuart Irvin, Founder, Esports & Video Games Practice, Covington & Burling LLP


Anatomy of a Music/Gaming Integration: Case Studies

12:00 - 12:50pm


So you have a great idea for a music/gaming integration -- now what? Take a deep dive into successful integrations between music and video games or esports. We’ll take you directly to the sources, as the participants themselves describe the genesis of the concept, the creative process, challenges faced, lessons learned, and the integrations that they would like to see next.

Moderator: Phil Hill, Attorney, Covington & Burling LLP


Jarred Kennedy, Chief Operating Officer, Wave

Ryan Ruden, SVP, Experiential Marketing, Head of Business Development, Columbia Records


Future of Music & Gaming: Spotlight on Emerging Companies

1:00 - 1:50pm

Hear where music and gaming technologies are heading with this panel, featuring a highly curated selection of startups in the music, gaming and esports verticals. Demos of the panelists' technologies will be presented along with a discussion of current trends, challenges and future plans.

Moderator: Henry Bett, Associate, Covington & Burling LLP



Ayush Sharma, Founder & CEO, MotoJeannie

Bryan Penick, Managing Partner, Legacy Entertainment Ventures; Partner & CMO, LOUD Capital (LEV Partners)

David S. Bennahum, CEO, The Ready Games

Seth Hillinger, Organizer, NY MusicTech Meetup/CEO, Drops

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