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Looking to discover new products, hear new music, learn about the latest innovations, or connect with industry peers?

Mondo is proud to launch our Global Music & Tech Expo 2021, a virtual trade show and marketplace! Unlike physical trade shows, our Expo is not limited to exhibitors who can travel to New York; it’s an opportunity to open Mondo’s doors to companies from around the world as we welcome music and tech outfits to connect with our attendees: entrepreneurs and innovators, emerging artists, creatives, and leaders in media, government, law and finance.


Introducing Mondo Global Music & Tech Expo 2021

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Join our Inaugural Event


Here’s what exhibitors get:

● Exclusive Zoom sessions

● Branding

● Mondo social posting & PR

● A spokesperson or artist can host your session

Mondo is hosting our daily virtual Global Music & Tech Expo Oct. 12-15. Come join the fun! For more information, please contact:

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