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Mondo.NYC Speaker

Ahmed Nimale

Ahmed Nimale

Founder, Kydlabs

Former Ticketmaster, VividSeats, Yelp product leader and now founder of one of the world’s largest web3 ticketing platforms powered on the Aptos Network and backed by Comcast Lift Labs. With 10+ years of experience driving innovation in ticketing, loyalty, and e-commerce technology, Ahmed and his teams have been behind some of the largest shifts in the live event music industry in the past decade.

Magnetize and Thrive in the Attention Economy

10/12/23, 3:00 PM

Join the conversation with perspectives from the manager, tech/app, publicity and press viewpoints. Learn the best ways to stand out, attract, captivate and retain your audience as an independent artist in the constantly evolving and tech-driven attention economy. You've got the level playing field, how do you win the game? This session will provide valuable insights.

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