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Andrew Bergman

Andrew Bergman

Chief Executive Officer, Downtown Music Holdings

Andrew Bergman serves as Chief Executive Officer of Downtown Music Holdings and oversees all day-to-day operations at Downtown and its expanding portfolio of companies. Previously, Bergman served as Downtown’s Chief Operating Officer for seven years where he architected Downtown’s M&A integrations and operational growth. A 20-year veteran of the music industry, Andrew initially served as the company’s outside counsel before he joined full time in 2008 as General Counsel and Executive Vice President. Prior to his work with Downtown, Bergman served as partner at highly respected music law firms, Roberts & Ritholz LLP and Davis Shapiro & Lewit, where he represented a variety of record labels, publishers, executives and multi-platinum recording artists.

Industry Changes: From Selling Songs To Buying Services

10/10/23, 3:00 PM

Over the last decade, there has been an intense focus on the long-term value of music copyrights with more than $5 billion spent on acquisitions in 2021 alone. But as the media focus on the big numbers, the companies powering the industry have expertly developed technology and personnel capabilities to service both the high end of the market and the proliferation of mid and long-tail creators.

While the market for copyright acquisitions continues to hold steady, is it this relatively new slate of service businesses that controls the future of the industry? And as they become more attractive to investors, offering growth and profitability, how will injection of capital support the next generation of creators?

Building the Future of the Music Business Through Strategic Investments

10/11/22, 3:00 PM

With the rise of the independent sector, Web 3, music creation tools, AI, and more, the music industry is evolving faster than ever before. This panel, which features some of the industry’s most savvy C-Suite leaders, examines various strategies for identifying investment opportunities to propel the business forward. Whether it’s identifying up-and-coming entrepreneurs who have the potential to shake up the status quo, or investing in infrastructure and artists, each of these panelists has a proven track record in making successful bets on the music business. This panel offers a unique view into their individual strategies and what they all think the next big thing will be.

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