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Mondo.NYC Speaker

Andy Thompson

Andy Thompson

Senior Director of Product, Splice

Andy Thompson is Sr. Director of Product at Splice, leading the work to bring new AI-powered creative experiences to Splice's legendary sample library. The first experience, Create, taps into the massive royalty-free Splice catalog to help music producers discover and shape personalized songstarters with the assistance of AI.

Andy has a passion for building creative tools that combine music and AI to augment and celebrate the human in the center of the creative process. Prior to joining Splice, Andy was product lead at Meta Reality Labs where he founded the Creative AI team, which built generative AI experiences including Make-a-Video and MusicGen. Before that, he helped to build innovative new formats at Spotify, including creative expression tools like Canvas and Storylines (live album art and liner notes for the streaming age), DJ Sets and personalized real-time AI-augmented playlist experiences. Prior to Spotify, he worked with filmmakers to build tools to collaborate with others and showcase their art at Vimeo after his startup, Cameo (collaborative video creation app, awarded Apple App of the Year) was acquired by the company in 2014.

Back to the Future: Tech Developments & the Future of Recording Technology

10/11/23, 2:00 PM

Audio recording software and hardware becomes ever more sophisticated year after year. These developments impact not only the way we make music, but also the listening experience delivered to consumers. Please join us for a discussion of the latest technological developments in music recording and what's coming up around the bend.

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