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Mondo.NYC Speaker

Anthony Martini

Anthony Martini

President, Exceed Talent Capital

Anthony Martini began as an artist manager skilled in developing unknown talent into worldwide superstars. After years of success managing clients like Tyga and Lil Dicky, Martini saw an emerging opportunity in music streaming and founded the independent record label Commission Records. He built his label into a force to be reckoned with, amassing billions of streams, multiple platinum releases, and a top 10 ranking among urban labels (ahead of heavy hitters like Roc Nation and Def Jam), earning recognition by Billboard magazine as an "R&B/ Hip-Hop Power Player." He sold the label in 2019 before taking over as CEO of Royalty Exchange, the world's largest royalty investment platform. Under his leadership, Royalty Exchange surpassed $90m in deals for artists and was named "Most Innovative in Music" by Fast Company. He is a pioneer in music NFTs, using a piece of his royalties from Lil Dicky's hit single "Save Dat Money" to create the first-ever music publishing NFT. Martini currently sits on the board of several startups at the intersection of music and technology and is bullish on the potential of web3 to empower creators.

Artists as Architects: Building, Connecting and Monetizing Music in the Metaverse

10/13/22, 4:00 PM

As the mainstream adoption of gaming, creative social experiences and virtual worlds continues to grow, so does the opportunity for artists to connect, engage and monetize opportunities in the Metaverse. Musicians and their teams are redefining fan interactions by building immersive experiences that reach far beyond traditional social media platforms. This panel will discuss how artists are evolving to grow their audience in the Metaverse and share ideas on the future of the virtual music industry.

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