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BAYWUD (pronounced bay-wood) He/ Him is an LA-based indie artist, songwriter and musician, classically trained on the piano. He was raised in Tyler, TX and later studied film at Loyola Marymount University (LMU) in Los Angeles. He met music industry veteran publisher Patrick Conseil in 2019. Soon after, a publishing agreement was signed and the two went to work. The debut single ’Golden Cord’ was produced by electronic producer Verskotzi. Soon after, BAYWUD started a writing collaboration with Danish producer Rune Westberg, whose long list of credits include Beth Hart, Daughtry, Cary Brothers, Desi Valentine, Colbie Caillat and Axelle Red to name a few.

BAYWUD’s debut EP entitled MMXX came out November 6, 2020. “Hold On To Me” was written for anyone feeling lost or broken and knowing it’s okay to reach out for help in times of struggle. “(We Don’t Have To) Walk Alone” reflects on the current state of the world: a world divided by race, religion and politics. The emotional “Where was I then” is about a close friend of his who passed away from suicide.

BAYWUD started 2021 with an uplifting single “All together Now,” written and produced by Todd Wright and Ethan Mentzer of Click 5 remotely during the pandemic. Alt-Pop “Bombs Away” followed -- as the title implies, it’s about dropping a bomb on what’s left of a relationship and making the decision to let go of the pain, of all that’s lost, and having the will to say goodbye. “Silver &Gold” saw BAYWUD take more of a rock-leaning approach, reminiscent of radio hits of the ‘70s. BAYWUD delivers undeniable hooks and an energetic vocal on this classic pop song that features a Harmonica part played by Westberg.

BAYWUD songs have received praise from bloggers all over the world and airplay on stations including KCSN 88.5fm SoCal, KTAO (New Mexico), KLTZ -Mix 93 (Montana), SIRIUS XM Train Tracks, 102.3 WOW radio (Great Lakes region), LGBT station “Bear Radio,” Birch Street Radio, Music Mafia radio, Monie’s Indie radio(UK), G.R.I Scotland, Studio Veluwe (Netherlands), Spiderweb Radio (Canada), Banks Radio (Australia), and Amazing Radio among others as well as numerous college radio stations.

A collaboration duet with pop/rock artist Dvniel entitled “Last Call’ came out October 15
BAYWUD comments: “Both Dvniel and I have similar stories of drug addiction, loss, and pain, which we express in each verse. I think, ultimately, we wrote a song about forgiveness and hope. Forgiveness to yourself and from all of those you’ve hurt in your life because of your mistakes.”

BAYWUD is playing the main stage at Hotel Café in LA on November 13. His new EP ‘’Home’’ is slated for release on Dec 7.

AIMP Presents Songwriters Live Carousel

10/15/21, 9:00 PM

The Association of Independent Music Publishers (AIMP) presents an hour of live performances from some of the best up-and-coming independent songwriters in the country — from the Big Apple, to Music City USA, to the City of Angels.

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