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Mondo.NYC Speaker

Brian Zisk

Brian Zisk

Producer, SF MusicTech

Brian Zisk is a parallel entrepreneur and investor who helps change how people view industries. He is fascinated by and explores where markets and bubbles converge, around music and technology, money and technology, health and technology, real estate and technology, and more. Originally a New Yorker, Brian has been at the center of the Bay Area Music and Money and Technology ecosystems for decades and has also left his heart in Maui, New Orleans and Miami. Brian published San FranZiskGo! the 2nd event newsletter on the web, co-founded the pioneering Open Source Streaming Green Witch Internet Radio, the Future of Music Coalition, the SF and Maui in person MusicTech Summits and Future of Money Summits. Brian explores human and outdoor nature and attempts to aid communication and understanding through advocacy for everyone in the ecosystem who treats each other with compassion. He is a lifelong student who is happiest in a hammock.

Hot MusicTech Startups

10/13/20, 3:00 PM

Entrepreneur and investor Brian Zisk chats with the founders of some of the Hottest Music Technology Startups to find out what they're doing to find success.

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