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Christine Barnum

Christine Barnum

Chief Revenue Officer, CD Baby

Christine Barnum is the Chief Revenue Officer for DIY distributor, CD Baby, owned by Downtown Music Holdings.

With a highly experienced finance and accounting career spanning over 20 years in the music industry, Barnum is a leading and trusted voice across e-commerce, fraud prevention, royalty reporting and M&A activity, often lent on for commentary within her field.

As CRO of CD Baby, Barnum is responsible for leading across Product, Business Development & Partnerships, Marketing and Trust & Safety for the company.

Beyond the AI Boogeyman: Trust & Safety in the Modern Music Industry 

10/11/23, 4:00 PM

The critical conversation around trust & safety in music’s digital marketplaces has never been louder, but as each business lays out its own position, how can the industry align to formulate a collaborative approach to a nuanced issue?

As founding members of Music Fights Fraud, the global task force aimed at eradicating streaming fraud, CD Baby, FUGA and parent company Downtown, are actively working with partners, clients and competitors to create an industry where genuine content creators can thrive. In this discussion, our panel will focus on the impact of streaming fraud, how a proactive approach to trust & safety is necessary and why AI=Fraud isn’t the nuanced understanding the industry needs to progress.

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