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Dan Burt

Dan Burt

Sr. Music Supervisor/Producer, Wunderman Thompson

Dan Burt is a music supervisor and producer at Wunderman Thompson advertising North America part of the WPP group, one of the world's largest agency holding companies. He has been bringing groundbreaking music to advertising for over 16 years, making branded entertainment a reality for even the most unexpected clients on a global scale including HSBC, Diamond Trading Company and has further strengthened giants like Puma, Google, Smirnoff, Samsung, Microsoft, Royal Caribbean, Shell and Nestle, collaborating with artists across the music spectrum, helping start quite a few careers in the process.

GMS 2022: So... What's It Like on the Inside? An NYC Agency Music Supervisor Roundtable

10/13/22, 4:00 PM

Advertising Agencies are mysterious places. How does anything get done and how does great work get made? Does it always see the light of day? NYC-based agency music supervisors come together for a focused conversation about their day to day in the trenches with copy writers, art directors, brand clients, editors, composers, artists and more.

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