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Mondo.NYC Speaker

Daniel Somló

Daniel Somló

Head of Booking, Budapest Showcase Hub

Daniel Somlo, co-founder and head of booking at Budapest Showcase Hub
aka BUSH for five years, and he has been working as an A&R at Eastaste
Music, the only Central Eastern European focused sync agency, for more than eight years. Since almost two years he's been CSO at the Music Moves Europe co-
funded startup, called BANDING, the matchmaker platform for bands/DJs to
do exchange gigs and cross-border song collaborations with each other all
across Europe. Daniesl has worked with hundreds of bands and has an extensive network of key music industry players all over Europe with a strong focus on Central Eastern

Off the Beaten Track: Before & After COVID in Central Eastern Europe

10/13/20, 4:00 PM

Up-and-coming talent, festivals, and music promotion – what’s next for the Carpathian music scene? A curated group of key Hungarian and Central Eastern European stakeholders from the area will share their thoughts on rising artists, catering to local audiences and the future of the regional festival industry.

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