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Mondo.NYC Speaker

Dhruv Chopra

Dhruv Chopra

Founder & CEO, Elsewhere & PopGun Presents

Dhruv is CEO and co-founder of Elsewhere, an independent music club and brand celebrating emerging music and culture. Elsewhere hosts 600+ music events a year, showcases thousands of artists across our stages, draws nearly 300K attendees a year, and is dedicated to self-expression, optimism, inclusivity, diversity and a world with more joy. Dhruv grew up in Mumbai, India and Connecticut, USA, where he grew up as a jazz musician with one of his co-founders. He studied economics at Yale University and worked for many years in investment management. Dhruv is on the board of the NY Hospitality Alliance, the North Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce and the Leadership Team for BABAR. He works closely with elected officials via various nightlife advocacy efforts. He worked with Senator Chuck Schumer on developing the Shuttered Venue Operations Grant (SVOG), which bailed out the independent music industry, and with Mayor Bill de Blasio to strike down the anti-dancing Cabaret Law in NYC. When he's not working to help actualize Elsewhere’s cultural vision, you can find Dhruv hiding out at a jazz club, or somewhere remote in or on the ocean.

The State of the Music Business

10/10/23, 2:00 PM

In what has become a Mondo tradition, we're proud to kick off Mondo 2023 with Variety's Executive Music Editor Jem Aswad leading an important discussion with industry leaders addressing the state of our industry, its challenges and opportunities going forward. The impact of AI, the ever-volatile live entertainment sector, market conditions and much more will be discussed.

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