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Creative Sync & Licensing Specialist

Eunique’s love of music and artist discovery motivated her to pursue a career in commercial and video game sync and supervision. From a young age she found inspiration through syncs from her favorite movie Ghost (The Righteous Brothers), The O.C. soundtracks, and commercials, including Rice Krispies and Goldfish jingles, which she still has memorized.

Eunique has a wide array of experience and knowledge in her field, from time representing artists and songwriters at Warner Bros. Records, Warner Chappell Music and Ultra Music Publishing. She has also worked with brands such as Walmart, GMC, Microsoft as a Music and Talent Supervisor at Creative License. Eunique strives to create authentic and creative partnerships between the artist and brand. She champions new music with an artist-centric approach, believing that a well-placed song can launch and expand an artist's career.

GMS 2022: But Can it Sound Spanish? – An Exploration of Intentional Inclusion of Latine Voices in Sync

10/13/22, 3:00 PM

A panel of Latine sync professionals join in a discussion about cultural awareness in music supervision and sync licensing. With the rise of productions focusing on the Latine experience and Latine music mega stars, is the sync community following the necessary steps to honor the intersections of what Latin is and reflecting its multifaceted identities? This exploration will touch on building awareness of common misconceptions while shining light on what steps to take toward intentional practices to build inclusive and genuine soundtracks.

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