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Mondo.NYC Speaker

Ian Temple

Ian Temple

CEO & Founder, Soundfly

Ian Temple is a composer, pianist and education entrepreneur. In 2014, he started Soundfly to help musicians meet their musical goals through high-quality online courses and in-depth one-on-one mentorship sessions with professionals. Prior to that, he helped start the educational non-profit The Future Project, which worked with high school students through project-based learning. As a musician, he's toured in North America, Europe and Asia numerous times; performed with innovative artists like Julia Kent, Matana Roberts and Greg Fox; composed film scores including for the award-winning short Rosa: These Storms; and released numerous albums with his trio Sontag Shogun. He's written and spoken about self-driven learning strategies in publications and podcasts, from Alfred's to SonicScoop

Strategies for Artists to Become Self-Guided Learners

10/15/20, 3:00 PM

The greatest skill one can develop as an artist is the ability to build knowledge and develop insight on your own. We gain this through our personal practice, experience, and experimentation. Yet, most of us aren't particularly good at learning new things on our own. And in such a crowded landscape filled with "how to" videos and "experts," we find ourselves distracted with no clear path towards our goal. Join the Soundfly Team as they explore and share science-based strategies to learn more effectively on your own, so you’re prepared to take on any new skill or challenge with clarity and insight.

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