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Mondo.NYC Speaker

James Burke

James Burke

Executive Director, Make Music New York

James began his career in music as a songwriter and post-punk rocker, but after the tour van of his most promising band (Idle, Big Deal Records) caught fire en route from a gig, he settled into the more respectable life of a “performing arts presenter.” He now has over twenty-seven years of leadership experience producing music for Paradigm Associated Labels, Reel to Reel Records, Central Park SummerStage, Westhampton Beach PAC and currently Make Music New York and Rise Up NYC.

Build your Booking Network Through Creative Local Opportunities

10/13/23, 5:00 PM

Booking shows in any city can sometimes feel like a crap shoot. Knowing where to seek opportunities that build out your booking network helps ensure you create valuable relationships and a range of local fans. Learn from a variety of players in the live music landscape including independent venues, community programming, cultural institutes, etc. about how they approach programming, what relationships lead to more opportunities and why supporting micro music communities are always a win.

Not every artist will sell out ticketed shows or make money from streams. But there are live booking opportunities that help ensure you can solidify an anchor date in a city market.

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