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Mondo.NYC Speaker

Jess McAvoy

Jess McAvoy

Performance Artist & Songwriter

Based in Brooklyn, New York, Jess McAvoy is a non-binary performance artist and songwriter whose career spans more almost three decades. A multi-instrumentalist with a multi octave voice, “Jess McAvoy has the commanding strength of a titanium rod. You dare not ignore [them].”
-- Beat Magazine, Melbourne. As a purveyor of music ranging from singer-songwriter to blues, pop and rock, McAvoy is as raw and enlightened in real life as they are in their astute lyricism. McAvoy continues their passionate plea for authentic human connection with a stage presence tempered by disarming honesty.

In an ever-strengthening pace since moving to Brooklyn from Melbourne in 2014, McAvoy's tenacity and voracious desire to improve their craft is unwavering –- evidenced in their vast internet presence dating back to 1996 and their seventeen self-produced recordings since 1994.

Barriers of Entry: International Artists and the U.S. Artist Visa Process

10/13/23, 2:00 PM

The legal hurdles that visas create often make us think twice about working with foreign acts, whether you're a label that aims to sign an international artist, or an agent or venue that wants to book one. At this panel immigration attorney Will Spitz will lead a discussion addressing the "ins and outs" of the U.S. artist visa process. We'll walk you through the process from the first consideration of a tour, through arriving on U.S. soil, providing invaluable tips and strategies for getting your artist into the U.S. affordably and with a minimum of hassle.

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