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Mondo.NYC Speaker

Jillian Speece

Jillian Speece

Musician, The Bergamot & Co-Founder of Both Records

Jillian Speece is a singer-songwriter, entrepreneur and environmental activist in the indie-folk-rock band The Bergamot. She is co-founder of Both Records and the founder of Wild Wonderous Women, a community devoted to encouraging and helping women live their best life. Speece is has been featured in People Magazine, Women's Day and USA Today. Her catchphrase is Shine ON as a reminder to all that they are made of light and love.

Booking Live & Streaming Shows

10/15/20, 4:00 PM

A successful live music booking has always been -- and will always be -- a team effort. With all parties striving for success, any show, tour or event requires foresight, strategy, and determination. In the midst of a worldwide pandemic, our industry is facing anything but business as usual. More now than ever, it takes creativity, stamina and a heightened awareness of safety to move forward. For Mondo 2020, our annual booking panel looks at live performances from various angles: we'll hear from professionals and artists with expertise in booking, talent buying, touring, marketing and PR as they discuss how artists can remain active and engaged, while simultaneously reimagining their new future.

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