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Joanna Batemits

Joanna Batemits

Executive Producer, Music, Carousel

Joanna Batemits is the Executive Producer of Music at Carousel, a boutique creative agency and production company. She directs all aspects of commercial music licensing, production of original compositions, and serves as a music supervisor and strategist. In her current role, Joanna oversees all music needs for Victoria’s Secret’s global advertising and digital content. Other clients include Pepsi, Torrid, Grubhub, Neutrogena, Lay’s, Calvin Klein, T.J. Maxx, Vince Camuto, Quaker Oats, YouTube, Land Rover and more.

 Prior to Carousel, Joanna held creative licensing and brand partnership positions at Primary Wave (an independent music publishing, talent management and branding company), Audio Network (a leading global production music company) and Creative License (a talent procurement and music licensing company).

GMS 2022: So... What's It Like on the Inside? An NYC Agency Music Supervisor Roundtable

10/13/22, 4:00 PM

Advertising Agencies are mysterious places. How does anything get done and how does great work get made? Does it always see the light of day? NYC-based agency music supervisors come together for a focused conversation about their day to day in the trenches with copy writers, art directors, brand clients, editors, composers, artists and more.

Meet the Music Supervisors - Ads

10/13/21, 7:00 PM

Join us for two panel discussions featuring select US-based music supervisors from gaming and ads & branding, where we’ll discuss their work processes as well as current industry trends and projects.

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