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Mondo.NYC Speaker

Joe Lyske

Joe Lyske

Inventor and Co-Founder, Mashtraxx Ltd.

Dr. Joe Lyske is a polymath accomplished in diverse interdisciplinary fields such as artificial intelligence, film composition, game audio design and aviation. Joe has been pushing the boundaries of creative artificial intelligence since the turn of the millennium. He has grasped elusive solutions to problems known and unknown through his knowledge of physics, sounds, mathematics and programming. Joe’s role has paved the way for him to invent over 60 distinct granted patents in artificial intelligence, encompassing a range of creations across projectile tracking, digital signal boundary classification, AI music composition and music editing, media content tracking and artificially intelligent emotional perception technologies.

The Well-Trained Model: Ethically Sourced AI for Artists

10/11/23, 9:00 PM

How does an artist know what dataset the AI tool they are using was trained on, and whether their own music was used? A discussion of how AI is trained, and the future of attribution and compensation for artists.

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