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Joel Sadler

Joel Sadler

Co-founder & Head of Creator Tools, PatchXR

Dr. Joel Sadler is a leading educational technologist and XR expert on playful creator tools. He co-founded PatchXR, where he leads the design of the low-code authoring tools to make it easy for anyone to create interactive XR worlds. He is the co-founder of several technology startups, including Piper Learning that teaches kids hands-on maker and STEM skills through virtual 3D worlds and physical DIY building kits. TIME magazine recognized Dr. Sadler as a top inventor for his early career in developing the Stanford-JaipurKnee, a radically affordable prosthetic technology for the developing world. As adjunct faculty at Stanford University he teaches courses leveraging VR/AR/XR to teach hands-on skills in virtual classrooms. He is a former Stanford Bio-X Fellow, and lecturer at the Stanford Design School where he lectured on design thinking and rapid prototyping. He holds ME/CS degrees from MIT/Stanford and has over 20 publications on the theme of technology to amplify human ability to build, play, and learn.

Future of Music Creation & Production: The Reinvention of Remote Collaboration

10/12/22, 6:00 PM

The tumultuous events of the Pandemic era have necessitated a re-evaluation of real-time and asynchronous collaboration solutions. Songwriting and music production present a unique challenge here, both technically and with regard to UX. Get the latest from leaders on the cutting edge of collab.

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