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John Lenac

John Lenac

COO, Rolling Live Studios; Founder, techIT Media Group & WITHYN Records

For 30 years, John has been helping artists to grow their fanbase and better monetize their craft. After programming FM rock stations in the ‘90s, he did promotions at TVT Records and was the Rock Editor at HITS Magazine. He helped define the digital music space as a market leader while at Yahoo! Music as Head of Programming and Artist/Label Relations, delivering music and videos to millions of fans globally long before Spotify and YouTube existed. Interviewed by The Wall Street Journal, Variety, Billboard, MTV and various other media outlets, he’s been an entrepreneur his entire adult life. He currently spends most of his time as COO of Rolling Live Studios, a virtual events and production company/streaming network.

Utilizing New Technologies To Engage Fans Better And Monetize More

10/16/20, 9:00 PM

Entrepreneur John Lenac chats with music industry veteran Alicia Yaffe and Moment House Founder & CEO, Arjun Mehta, about the struggles artists are having monetizing their craft in today’s climate. They’ll discuss new ways to engage fans, best practices for maximum monetization and take a deep dive into livestreaming.

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