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Mondo.NYC Speaker

Katie Theobalds

Katie Theobalds

Music Production Coordinator, BBDO NY

Currently working as the Music Production Coordinator at BBDO NY, channeling my passion for music and creativity into valuable expertise for teams, projects and clients. With experience in music licensing and supervision, brand partnerships and integration, creative development and content creation in both the record industry and world of advertising, I continue to explore the dynamics between great music and the commercial market.

GMS 2023: Crafting Brand Anthems: Music in Iconic Advertising

10/12/23, 3:00 PM

We delve into the creative process and collaboration involved in crafting the sound for brand "anthem" spots -- those iconic advertising campaigns that serve as a brand's manifesto or emotional centerpiece. Bringing together music creators (composers, producers, music houses) and creatives/music supervisors from ad agencies, the discussion explores the unique considerations, approaches and the multi-faceted teamwork required to bring these powerful brand stories to life.

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