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Lionel Lodge

Lionel Lodge

Co-Founder and CEO, SyncLodge Ltd.

Lionel has worked in the entertainment industry for all his adult life, as a creative as well as a business manager. He founded and managed a live music venue while in his early twenties, founded and managed a live music booking agency with a team of ten agents booking hundreds of artists all over the UK, held the position of Senior Editor and Co-Publisher of a UK based entertainment magazine with a circulation of 40,000 per month and a team of over 50 people, until recently (until the realization that SyncLodge needed to be built) was the founder and managing director of a sync licensing agency, and currently is the CEO of SyncLodge, the sync licensing project management ecosystem. On the creative side, Lionel has written hundreds of songs and co-written many more. He has produced albums, engineered recordings, arranged music and has 12 albums released under his name.

GMS 2022: How Tech Makes Your Life Better: Music Industry Edition

10/13/22, 2:00 PM

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