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Mondo.NYC Speaker

Lisa Buffo

Lisa Buffo

Founder & CEO, Cannabis Marketing Association

Lisa Buffo is a marketer and entrepreneur with a passion for launching companies with experience in both the cannabis and technology industries. Lisa is the Founder & CEO of the Cannabis Marketing Association, a membership-based organization focused on education and best practices for industry marketers with the vision of rebranding cannabis at the national level, with members across the US and abroad. CMA has hosted 70+ educational events nationwide, bringing together the cannabis marketing community. Lisa has been named MJVenture Magazine’s 40 Under 40 Rising Stars in Cannabis and dubbed “The Marketing Guru” by Women & Weed Magazine.

Why is Cannabis Marketing so Hard? Presented by Leafwire

10/15/21, 5:00 PM

Learn about the challenges facing cannabis marketers in a constantly changing regulatory environment. Hear from industry leaders on some of the strategies that successful brands and companies have embraced: What unique challenges do cannabis brands face? What are some of the creative solutions that marketers have embraced? Are changes in the regulatory environment expected to make a short-term impact on marketing opportunities?

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