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Mondo.NYC Speaker

Matteo Stronati

Matteo Stronati

Audio Director, Riot Games

Matteo Stronati is an established Audio Director and Sound Designer credited in numerous high profile games. He is currently Audio Director at Riot Games working on League of Legends. Matteo has produced audio for major publishers including Tencent, CCP, 2K Games and Microsoft for PC games, console games and mobile games. Matteo is a Berklee College of Music alumnus, enjoys reading about psychology and philosophy, and he’s most happy when playing drums.

Video Games & Esports 101: Opportunities for the Music Industry

10/14/20, 3:00 PM

This panel will discuss the current state of the highly popular (and lucrative) video game and esports industries, and the various opportunities they offer to the music industry. Panelists working in video games and esports will take us through the formats where they see substantial fan engagement and opportunities for integrating music, such as licensing, concerts and virtual events, how gamers leverage music, and strategies for appealing to the gaming fan base.

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