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Maya Wagner

Maya Wagner

Sound Designer, Artiphon

As a recent graduate of Berklee College of Music’s Electronic Production and Design program, Maya Wagner often finds it difficult to pick just one title. Between artist, music producer, sound designer, synthesist, content creator, electronic performer, songwriter and teacher, her knowledge reaches just about every corner of the music industry.

Currently holding a role as sound designer at electronic instrument and multimedia music company Artiphon, Maya works to create sounds featured on handheld sampler/looper/midi controller Orba, and fresh-off-the-press instrument Chorda.

Maya also played a core roll in the development of Minibeats, an augmented reality music-making app which debuted earlier this year after her team’s collection of musical AR lenses were played by millions of Snapchat users. Despite going into the project with no knowledge of programming for XR, she quickly discovered a passion for creating lenses using JavaScript in combination with Snap’s Lens Studio, turning the common Snap lens into an interactive musical experience users could unlock with gestures as simple as smiling.

The young creative has developed a substantial audience on TikTok; her music production tutorial videos have collected over 4 million views on the platform, and she has partnered with well-known industry brands including Splice, Slate Digital and Mastering The Mix for her content.

Maya’s artist project has been a huge success among the LGBTQ+ community and focuses on her expression of her sexuality and experiences with mental illness. She writes, produces, mixes and masters all of her music from the comfort of her own home.

Can You Hear Me Now? Developments in Consumer Audio Technology

10/11/23, 3:00 PM

Consumer audio has come a long way since the classic analog tech we grew up with. We are simultaneously experiencing a return to analog - like music on vinyl and cassette - and the rapid growth of novel audio technologies, like spatial computing. Please join us for a conversation on how contemporary analog and digital tech developments are shaping the consumer listening experience.

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