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Melony Torres

Melony Torres

Director, Pop Programming, Pandora

Melony Torres is an award winning radio programmer and personality based in New York City. Born and raised in Orlando, FL (where, yes, she visited Disney World on the regular as a child) she began her radio career in 2009 while attending the University of Central Florida, graduating with a degree in marketing.

After college, Melony continued to follow her dream of becoming a major market radio personality. She developed her talents in several different cities throughout the country including Jacksonville, Tampa and Washington, DC. In addition to her love for radio, Melony also aspired to work for a record label. She achieved this goal while working with the team at Sony Music in Los Angeles before moving to the nation's capital.

In 2015 Melony got the opportunity to come to New York City as the late night host and Music Director at the legendary WPLJ. Those 3am nights didn't last too long as she quickly worked her way up, hosting the night show and elevated to middays soon thereafter, until May 2019 when the station came to an end.

Melony took a step into the digital world of music and joined Pandora as the Director of Pop Programming in 2020 where she continues to shine and discover the next generation of music.

Outside of radio, Melony enjoys traveling with her husband and experiencing all our world has to offer. She's a health and wellness geek, the first to try the new flavor of almond butter and master the latest trendy workout. Even though she's been in NYC for six years now, she still can't shake her southern roots and uses the word y'all on the regular.

Radio Reinvented: Where and How does Radio Still Fit In?

10/15/21, 3:00 PM

This panel will feature promotions team, radio reps, and streaming leaders (who once worked in radio) to explore how the structure, format, and industry around radio helped to inform today’s streaming age. What we learned from radio, how it was reinvented and where we are heading.

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