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Michelle Lewis

Michelle Lewis

Executive Director & SONA, Composer/Songwriter

Michelle Lewis is an award-winning songwriter and composer, singer and, highly-influential music creators’ rights advocate. From her early career as a recording artist signed to Irving Azoff’s Giant Records, to her first radio hit, Cher’s “A Different Kind of Love Song” in 2002, to the 2014 worldwide #1 single “Wings” by the British girl group Little Mix, Ms. Lewis brings authenticity, musicality and heart to a diverse range of pop music. For the last decade, Ms. Lewis has branched out into the world of songwriting for animated television, most notably as a Peabody Award-winning composer of all original music for Disney Jr’s hit show “Doc McStuffins” and Emmy-winning songwriter for Outstanding Original Song 2021 in this past year’s beloved Netflix series “Julie & The Phantoms.” She has also been been nominated for Emmys for her work on “The Loud House” and “Bubble Guppies” and has over a half-dozen TV themes currently airing including “Doc McStuffins,” “The Loud House,” “Muppet Babies," “Ada Twist Scientist,” “Sydney 2 the Max” and “DC Super Hero Girls.”

In 2015, Michelle Lewis co-founded the non-profit advocacy organization Songwriters Of North America (SONA) in response to the ever-increasing complexities and inequities in digital royalties paid to songwriters and composers. Through her roles as SONA’s Executive Director, on the ASCAP Board of Directors, as an LA Chapter board member of the Recording Academy and on the Executive Committee of the Music Peer Group for the Television Academy, Michelle is solidly situated on the leading edge of issues facing songwriters: the ongoing fight to make streaming royalty rates more fair to creators; education and empowerment of creators through metadata; the implementation and utilization of the new Mechanical Licensing Collective; and fighting for songwriters to get healthcare and workplace safety standards in place. Last year she won the the California Copyright Coalition’s Apollo Award and was on Rolling Stone’s “Future 25” List of 2019.

AIMP Presents Together Alone: The Lasting Impact of COVID-19 on Songwriters Post-Pandemic

10/15/21, 6:00 PM

The COVID-19 pandemic forced artists and songwriters to improvise, collaborating over Zoom, recording in separate studios, and playing live shows over the internet. And while there will never be a true replacement for face-to-face interaction, the quarantine experience has taught the music community several important lessons that could positively impact the writing process going forward. On this panel, some of today’s top independent songwriters will discuss their experiences during the pandemic, and reveal quarantine tips they’ll be carrying with them into a healthier future.

AIMP & SONA Present Metadata Best Practices for Songwriters

10/16/20, 8:00 PM

"No metadata, no money" is the mantra of the modern music industry, and the best way to capture the song information correctly in the first place is at the moment of creation. Learn from professional songwriters and music publishers the key things you need to know to make sure your credits are accurately input and registered from the start.

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