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Mondo.NYC Speaker

Niccolò Cappon

Niccolò Cappon

CEO, G3C Labs

Niccolò has over 14 years' experience in corporate finance, management consulting and tech companies across Europe, US and the Middle East. He was CEO of a B2B marketplace start-up which was successfully sold in 2021. He is currently CEO of G3C Labs, a metaverse company aiming to provide innovative solutions for the music concert industry across the globe. G3C Labs is working on the first ever African hybrid (IRL+VR) concert that will take place in Dakar, Senegal in February 2023 including 10+ artists from multiple African countries. Niccolò holds an MBA from IESE and a master's degree in business from Bocconi University.

Bridging Physical and Digital Fan Engagements

10/13/22, 3:00 PM

The metaverse isn’t a single place. Creators need to weave coherent experiences across physical and virtual events to involve their entire audience. This omnichannel approach helps transition existing fans into the ownership economy, where fans get to truly participate in the creative work they love. This panel of experts will deliver practical information and case studies on how to craft interoperable fan engagements through physical touring, virtual events, digital/physical merch and NFT-based passes.

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