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Mondo.NYC Speaker

Norman J. Fried

Norman J. Fried

Clinical Psychologist

Norman J. Fried PhD is a clinical psychologist and disaster mental health specialist for the American Red Cross of Greater New York. He is the former director of psychosocial services at the Cancer Centers for Kids at Northwell Health and Winthrop University Hospital. He also taught in the medical schools of New York University and St. Johns University, and has been a fellow in clinical and pediatric psychology at Harvard Medical School. He is the Author of The Angel Letters: Lessons that Dying Can Teach Us About Living. His upcoming book is entitled A Heart of Wisdom: Notes on Love, Loss and Recovery From the Desk of A Trauma Therapist (Shield & Maiden Publishers).

Workshop: How to Go on a Digital Diet the Right Way

10/16/20, 9:00 PM

Learn what going on a digital diet feels like and practice rebalancing your life and work in three steps. A workshop with breakout discussions.

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