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Mondo.NYC Speaker

Peter Vogel

Peter Vogel

CEO & Co-Founder, Leafwire

Peter is a serial entrepreneur, having co-founded several companies in the fin-tech/loyalty and marketing space. He jumped head-first into the cannabis industry three years ago and co-founded Leafwire, which has quickly become known as the LinkedIn of cannabis. Leafwire has grown rapidly to become the world’s largest network of cannabis business professionals with 40,000 members representing 19,000 companies. Leafwire also recently launched a Cannabis/Hemp job board with 12,000 open jobs from many of the world’s largest multi-state operators.

Peter is a thought leader in the cannabis entrepreneurship and fundraising space and has been published in TechCrunch, VentureBeat, Dope Magazine and among others.
Peter has also hosted Leafwire’s Future of Cannabis Pitch Contests series in cities worldwide including Denver, Miami, Oakland, Los Angeles, Vancouver and Toronto.

Why is Cannabis Marketing so Hard? Presented by Leafwire

10/15/21, 5:00 PM

Learn about the challenges facing cannabis marketers in a constantly changing regulatory environment. Hear from industry leaders on some of the strategies that successful brands and companies have embraced: What unique challenges do cannabis brands face? What are some of the creative solutions that marketers have embraced? Are changes in the regulatory environment expected to make a short-term impact on marketing opportunities?

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