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CEO & Co-founder, indify

For the past 6 years, Shav and his childhood best friends Connor Lawrence and Matt Pavia have been building indify to help emerging artists build their careers. Today, indify is a marketplace that allows emerging artists with traction to raise funding from strategic investors in a fair and equitable way. Powered by an industry standard data discovery tool that identified Khalid, Billie Eilish and Post-Malone early in their careers, the indify marketplace today allows strategic investors to identify, invest and collect royalties on music investments all via the platform. On the other side, artists with traction are able to raise from investors who add strategic value instantaneously and flexibly, often raising funding for a single song and keeping all future ownership of their rights.

The marketplace protects artists by only allowing investments where artists own their recordings, artists keep 50% or more of their recordings and retain creative control. Two years ago, indify raised funding as a company from Alexis Ohanian to build this vision of an equitable future for artists in the music industry. Alexis has since not only invested in the company but also invested in the artist Leah Kate on the platform and helped her reach over 1M streams per day. Other artists to raise and see success on the platform include SEB for "seaside_demo," Jx. Zero for "Playboy," LilyIsThatYou for "FMRN," Pink Sweat$ for "Honesty," and Anees for “sun and moon” and “Leave Me.” Since launching, the indify marketplace has helped independent artists cross 1B+ streams.

Beyond being a co-founder of the company, Shav is an artist himself. Under the name "prettyboyshav," Shav has reached over 10M streams on his debut album "too pretty for sunshine" and over 7M across platforms for his single "4runner." For Shav, being an artist is fundamental to his journey at indify as it’s what inspires his mission to help other artists. It’s what allows him to stay grounded to the experiences of emerging artists to empathize and plan a better future in music.

trac presents: The Future of Artist Monetization -
How Web3 Unlocks An Artist’s Value

10/11/22, 8:00 PM

Join Cardin Campbell (Founder/CEO of trac) and other leaders bridging the music industry's gap between Web2 and Web3 for a discussion on how Web3 technologies are changing the game for artists. Learn about Web3 technologies helping artists earn more money than ever, and how a tokenized music industry can turn artists and fans into true owners.

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