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Renee Brodeur

Renee Brodeur

Partner & EVP, TMWRK Management

Renee Brodeur is an executive vice president at TMWRK, a music management company that handles a diverse roster of globally influential recording artists.

With over a decade of experience in the music industry, Renee began her career at Epic Records, where she met Andrew McInnes, founder of TMWRK. Rising through the Artist Development department over the course of five years at Epic, Renee decided to join her long-time friend McInnes at TMWRK in 2012 which he founded the year prior.

Renee co-manages Diplo, Major Lazer and A-Trak alongside McInnes and also manages Anna Lunoe, Kito and Lao Ra.

During her 8+ year tenure at TMWRK, Renee has risen from a day-to-day manager to executive vice president, and focuses largely on big picture strategic planning and partnerships all while overseeing her roster’s multifaceted business operations.

Since joining TMWRK, the company has seen exponential growth and has expanded its physical presence from NYC to Los Angeles and London, while increasing both personnel and client roster nearly fivefold. Renee prides herself on bringing more female talent to the TMWRK roster, signing Anna Lunoe in 2015, Lao Ra and most recently, the ultra-talented, Kito in 2020. As TMWRK continues to grow, Renee strives to bring more incredible women into what is historically viewed as a male driven industry and foster younger talent by helping them navigate the industry.

Renee is a Fordham University alumna and currently resides in New York City’s TriBeCa neighborhood.

Financial Clarity: Building an Artist-Centric Music Industry

10/15/20, 8:00 PM

This panel will focus on the challenges artists of all levels face when trying to get a handle on their financial picture. There is a total lack of financial tools and infrastructure for artists and. with the pandemic, the river of nickels coming in from a variety of revenue sources is more important than ever to have a grasp on. These experts know firsthand what the challenges that artists and their teams face when it comes to building true independence in the music industry and they have quite a few ideas on how to solve them.

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