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Robert Levine

Robert Levine

Industry Editorial Director, Billboard

Robert Levine is the Industry Editorial Director at Billboard, as well as the author of “Free Ride: How Digital Parasites are Destroying the Culture Business, and How the Culture Business Can Fight Back,” which the New York Times called “a book that should change the debate about the future of culture.” He has written about media, technology and other topics for the New York Times, Businessweek, Fortune and Vanity Fair.

Keynote Conversation: Michael Huppe & Robert Levine

10/15/20, 7:00 PM

Michael Huppe, President & CEO of SoundExchange sits down with Robert Levine, Billboard's Industry Editorial Director & noted author. Titled “Industry Failings: Making Sure Artists Get Paid What They Deserve,” the conversation will address implementing changes in the industry geared towards the betterment of artists, providing insight and solution into current systematic elements of the business that need to change, including National Treatment and the AM/FM royalty loophole.

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