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Mondo.NYC Speaker

Ruwanga Samath

Ruwanga Samath

Producer & Songwriter

Ruwanga Samath has either composed and produced music for over 35 movies including the end title songs for movies such as Fast Five (Universal Pictures) Morgan Spurlock's The Greatest Movie Ever Sold (Sony Pictures) Reality High (Netflix) and Gideon's Army (HBO). He has also placed songs in movies such as TED (Universal Pictures), Spare Parts (Lionsgate), Tower Heist (Universal Pictures), You're Next (Lionsgate), Generation Iron, Saw IV (Lionsgate) and many more. Ru has composed music for a number of films including the upcoming documentaries; “Long Live Rock…Celebrate the Chaos” and “Cosplay Universe” and the upcoming Muhammad Ali film “City of Ali.

GMS 2020: A Music Spotting Session for Visual Media: Behind the Curtain

10/15/20, 8:00 PM

An important panel/workshop that breaks down the challenges and opportunities of how music is created in today’s Zoom world, the collaborative process, and new tools and techniques available to all members of the creative and placement ecosystem.

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