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Mondo.NYC Speaker

Samim Safaei

Samim Safaei

CEO & Co-Founder, Synaesthetic

Samim is a serial entrepreneur, engineer, and inventor, with a diverse background in Fire Science, Optics, SmartHome IoTs, energy systems, industrial machinery and most recently music tech as the founder & CEO of Synaesthetic. Samim is an avid music fan (recently enjoying African Dancehall from places like Nigeria), he is a classically-trained pianist and has a mild form of associative synesthesia where he visualizes music (he sees harmony as color).

Hot MusicTech Startups

10/13/20, 3:00 PM

Entrepreneur and investor Brian Zisk chats with the founders of some of the Hottest Music Technology Startups to find out what they're doing to find success.

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