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Mondo.NYC Speaker

Sarah A. Howes

Sarah A. Howes

Director and Counsel, Government Affairs and Public Policy, SAG-AFTRA

Sarah Howes is an advocate for American performers and broadcasters. Her primary focus areas are COVID-19 relief, right of publicity, copyright, internet platform accountability, non-compete agreements, the performance of sex scenes and nude scenes, and workplace sexual harassment.

Previous experience includes Director of Legal Affairs & Fellow for the Copyright Alliance in Washington, D.C. and the Legal Programs Manager for the Minnesota Lawyers for the Arts program at Springboard for the Arts.

RIAA's Everything You Need to Know About Music Policy in About an Hour

10/14/20, 6:00 PM

Mondo is proud to once again partner with the RIAA to host their annual series, “Everything You Need to Know About Music Policy in One Hour” featuring Kris Ahrend (Mechanical Licensing Collective); Jordan Bromley (Manatt and Music Artists Coalition); Dayna Frank (First Avenue and NIVA); Josh Friedlander (RIAA); Mitch Glazier (RIAA); Sarah Howes (SAG-AFTRA); Prophet (50/50, Black Music Action Coalition); Dr. Portia Sabin (Music Business Association); and Maria Strong (U.S. Copyright Office).

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