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Mondo.NYC Speaker

Seth Hillinger

Seth Hillinger

Organizer, NYMusicTech Meetup/CEO, Drops

CEO of Drops, an augmented reality, metaverse marketing platform at the convergence of the digital world and physical worlds.
Seth is also a startup advisor, full-stack developer and organizer of the NYMusicTech meetup.

Video Games & Esports 101: Opportunities for the Music Industry

10/13/21, 3:00 PM

This panel will discuss the current state of the highly popular and lucrative video game and esports industries, and the various opportunities they offer to the music industry. Panelists working in video games and esports will take us through the formats where they see substantial opportunities and value for integrating music, such as licensing, concerts and virtual events, and promotional and marketing opportunities. Learn how gamers and gaming companies leverage music, how musicians and music companies leverage video games and esports, and strategies for appealing to the unique gaming fan base.

Future of Music & Gaming: Spotlight on Emerging Companies

10/14/20, 5:00 PM

Hear where music and gaming technologies are heading with this panel, featuring a highly curated selection of startups in the music, gaming and esports verticals. Demos of the panelists' technologies will be presented along with a discussion of current trends, challenges and future plans.

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